Monday, May 16, 2011

~Readers gallery~

Welcome to reader gallery
where we showcase some great
Reader contributions.

We find that more and more follow our tutorials
and we are very happy when you link back to our blog.

What we are EVEN more happy is when you send us an email
where you show us what you have created!
Then we can, together with you, show the world how inspirational YOU are!

THANK YOU for sending us mail..


Gerdie has made a beautiful tag-in- box - card and

Anita has made a really magic card

 and made this card:

Remember to e-mail us or leave a comment,
 if you have been inspired
by any of our articles.

We are looking forward to show of your
project in our magazine


Maryann Laursen said...

Congratulations ladies, you´ve all done an outstanding job here. They´re all sooo gorgeous and soo well done.
But I also just love all your tutorials, and they´re sooo easy to understand, which is awesome, when you´re trying out some new ideas.
So I´ll be looking forward to see lots more in the future, that´s for sure. Yu have some very talented girls there to make these tut´s. Thanks sooo much for that, and have a wonderful day everyone.

Marian said...

Wat een geweldige mooie creaties

Gerdie said...

Thanks for showing my card in your readers gallery!

Anita said...

My link isn't working I'm afraid. Can you repair that?

xx Anita

Lenes stempelkrok said...

Anita: Thank you for letting us know...
The link is now repaired:O)

Canonbury creations said...

Thank you for showcasing my Tealight card in your gallery:)

Montoyaerih said...

Anita: Thank you for letting us know... The link is now repaired:O)