Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bettinas Day of fun!

Ho! ho! ho!

Are you al starting to get in to the christmas spirit now?
Only about two weeks left, and i havent even started my christmas shopping yet,yikes.

But thats ok, maybe ill end up doing al my christmas presents myself, lol.
At least that is what the teatchers over at my babygirls daycare are getting tomorrow, a home made gift.

Since i think its so much FUN to do al kinds of boxes and things, and i also love to alter them, thats what i did.

So here is a little box that i pimped up...

I also wanted to do a matching candle.

It will be nice for them when they are on a brake, sipping their warm coffe, to light a little candle.
Especially after beeing out in the cold with the kids a half day.

I also wanted them to have something cute to look at so i chosed little Tilda.

Heres the box from above...

I wanted you to see the sparkly and beautiful flower.

Here we have them both, the altered box and the candle...

I really had so much FUN making theese, and im so excited about tomorrow.
Will my daughters daycare teatchers like them?
at least i know they will like one thing...
I filled the box with lots of chockolate!

I hope you had FUN, and that i gave you some inspiration?

Have a wonderful day, and dont forget to have FUN! lol!

Big hugs and happy holidays!


1 comment:

Sol said...

This is Beautiful!.. And so thoughtful of you!!.. I am sure they will be thrilled!!... What a Gift..!!
I love the box. It is Beautiful Embellished and with ice cold colors.. It reminds me of the snow and cold outside. Fantastic Creations!! Well done!!