Thursday, April 12, 2012

Tutorial- Free Standing Card

I hope you all had a great Easter.  
This Easter I made a tutorial at my cabin 
and I will love to show off how I made it....
(so sorry for some bad pictures, it's taken by my Iphone )

You will need this tools to make this card:
*Paper trimmer
*Bone folder/score board
* Scissors
*Pattern paper
*A motif or text
*Glue and tape


Start with the cardstock. 
Cut the cardstock at  6"x 11" (15,3 cm x 28 cm)
and then score at 1" , 2.3/4", 3.3/4", 5.1/2", 7.1/4", 8.1/4 and 10" 
( 2, 5 cm, 7 cm, 14 cm, 18,5 cm, 21 and 25,5 cm)


Cut the pattern paper at 
3/4" x 5.3/4 " (2 pieces)
You will see at the pictures that I used four pieces, but
you just need two pieces...
(2 cm x 14,5 cm )

1 1/2" x 5.3/4" (4 pieces)
(4 cm x 14,5 cm)


 Distress all  the edges and glue all pattern papers to the folded cardstock.


On the middle 5.1/2 score line, make a mark at 1" and 5"
Cut  between 1" and 5" to make a slit for your tag.


Now you have to start with you tag- the one who stands up when you 
opening the card.
My motif  is 3. 1/8 x 4. 3/4 (8 cm x 12 cm) and little bigger after
added another panel behind.

As you can see I have left some space in the bottom of the motif where 
I can glue it together with the card.....


Apply sticky strip at the  1" end of the cardstock


Slide the tag into the cut slit and attach tag to the sticky strips.


Attach glue to the 1" cardstock base and glue the other 1" section to finish your card.


Decorate your free standing card as desired.

My card folded flat

I hope you enjoyed my tutorial and that you will give it a try :O)
If you do, remember to mail us your free standing card and we will show it off at 
the Readers Gallery:

Hugs DT Lene


Tirza said...


Kara Lynne said...

Absolutely wonderful idea, I'd love to try it. I am so impressed with all your finishing touches as well!

Desire Fourie said...

Oh wow, what a fantastic photo tutorial, will have to give it a go sometime. Loving the fact that you have also indicated the meaurements in cm's. Us South Africans do struggle with the inches.

daia said...

Very beautiful, thank you for this great tutorial!

kathi17 said...

Thank you for the wonderful tutorial! I made a card with it, and posted it to my blog.

Birgitanita said...

So amazing. I have a long time wanted to do a card like this. Thank vou for the great tutorial. :)

tyrasmatte said...

Thanks for the great tutorial. Wonderful card. hugs christine.

Marian said...

Je uitleg is perfect en je project is heel mooi

Marian said...

Je uitleg is perfect en je project is heel mooi

Laura E. (mbmprincessita) said...

Love this project. Wich is the stamp designer?