Sunday, December 2, 2012

December 2nd Lene's day of fun with Maja Design

My (Lene's) day of fun and like Sassa wrote yesterday
Maja Design is sponsor the whole
team with FANTASTIC paper pack

Thank you so much

Like to make this box?

I have made a small tutorial where
I was inspired by Randi's twist box.


This is what you need:
1 pc of 4"x 12" paper
1 pc of 4"x 9" paper
3 pc of pattern paper 3 5/8" x 5 3/4"
1 pc of pattern paper 3 5/8" x 2 1/8
1 pc of pattern paper 6/8" x 3 5/8


Score (the paper 4"x 12") at 3", 9" and 11"

Mark (the top-between 9" and 11" ) the middle point with a spellbinding circle size 1,5"

Score the next paper ( 4" x 9") at 3" and glue the two pc of paper together at the bottom.

Glue together like this...

Now It's time to use the pattern paper.
Ink all the edges and glue the pattern paper at front, back and inside one of the side.

The top of the box is also having pattern paper. You need to
put the paper under the top hole to make it straight. Mark the hole with 
a pencil. 

The circle is now marked.

Use the circle you cut out earlier to use it as a template,
and set Spellbinders die on top of the circle.
Mark with a pencil around the spellbinder die.

Cut out, ink the paper and glue it on top of the box.

Now you can decorated the box as you like.

This is my Twist box:


 I've also made a Tag card with the Maja Design paper...

 Use a BIG tag from Tim Holtz and score it at the middle and then you have a 
base for starting on a card.

Hugs and kisses from Lene

...and come back for more tomorrow :O))


Guri said...

For ein lekker måte å pakke inn twistposen. Takk for ide og tutorial.

Rosmarie said...

Jättefina saker och Twistomslaget läckert! Är det någon stängning längst upp så den inte åker av när man lyfter påsen?

Jorunn, enda en scrappedame said...

For en kjempegod ide til en julegave eller vertinnegave! Og så flott med tutorial :)
Klem, Jorunn

Lene's stempelhjørne said...

Rosmarie:Tusen takk til dere alle:O)) Jeg glemte å skrive at twistposen hadde en borrelås (kardborre)som lukkemekanisme


Elin said...

Så underbart!

Rosmarie said...

Tack :-) Då ska jag testa att göra en :-)

Minna said...


Anonymous said...

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