Sunday, May 19, 2013

DT Article ~ Nauhataivas~

Tällä kertaa meillä on suomalainen Nauhataivas sponsorina. 
Omistaja Kirsi kertoo seuraavaa:

"Nauhataivaan nettikauppa on toiminut kohta kaksi vuotta, eli 2011 Huhtikuusta lähtien. 
Olemme erikoistuneet nauhoihin, ja meiltä löydät pitsit, röyhelöt, satiinit ja sametit, muoviketjut ja paljon muuta, valikoimissamme on myös metalli-, kangas- ym.koristeita".


We are so pleased to be sponsored by Finnish Nauhataivas
This is what the owner of Nauhataivas, Kirsi says:

"The online shop of Nauhataivas has worked nearly two years, from April 2011. We have specialized on laces, ruffles, satin and velvets, plastic chains and many more. We also have metal, fabric, etc. embellishments."

Kirsi sent to us wonderful packages with the summer theme and here are what we made:)

I made a card in blue, with many flowers that reminds me of summer :)

I have made a summer-card with a girl with flower in her hair.

I made a Criss Cross-card for one of my sons teachers going on summer holiday

Ive made a birthday card:


I made a card to graduation parties or birthdays I couldn't decide.




I've made a confirmation card to a young lady


I made a birthdaycard..

I have made a card for the engagement or wedding:)

Made a box with the lovely ribbons and decorations. 

And a card. A good to have card. Birthday or just You are fantastic. :)

We want to thank you Kirsti for these lovely materials we got from Nauhataivas!

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