Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day of fun - Demoday in Australia

3th December u

I, Henrikke, am so lucky, that I get my second day of fun!! Wee ;-) Since I live in Australia I wanted to do something special for my second day. Today we had a huge demo-day in a store close to me. I got a request form the owner if I wanted to be one of the girls to hold her demos, and of course I said yes. So this is just a picture series to show you guys a couple of things we did. This was basically a cutting-machine demo. So I was showing my beautiful Cuttlebug in pink.

Here you can see Lou showing the Big Shot. She had an amazing make and take.  

Here you can see Pauline making a beautiful card with the Texture Boutique. 


And this was my station. I was showing the Cuttlebug and how to paint with the distress ink. 

To beautiful girls with their make and take cards. 

Big hugs from Henrikke


Anonymous said...

What great photo's everyone looks like they are having such fun. Laura

Maria said...

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