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~Elzybells Art Stamps~

De fleste kjenner nok til Elzybells Art Stamps og de søte motivene hennes!
De er enkle å fargelegge, utrolig søte, og du kan finne motiv hos Elzybells Art Stamps til enhver anledning.

Vi var litt nysgjerrige på denne stempelprodusenten og damen bak de søte motivene, og var så heldige at vi fikk et intervju med Elisabeth.

I tillegg fikk jentene i StampARTics DT hver sine motivstempel fra den nye Valentines kolleksjonen til Elzybells Art Stamps, som vi har fått lekt oss med, og vi har hatt det morro!!!

Intervjuet med Elisabeth er på engelsk, men har du problemer med å forstå så ikke nøl med å sende oss en e-mail og vi vil oversette for deg.

Most of you, if not all, know Elzybells Art Stamps and their cute images! They are so friendly to color in, incredibly cute and you can find images at Elzybells Art Stamps for every occasions.

We where a bit curious about Elzybells Art Stamps and the lady behind the cute images, and where lucky enough to get an interview with Elisabeth. The DT girls in StampARTic also got an image each to play with, and boy... did we have fun!!!

The interview with Elisabeth is in English, but if you are having trouble understanding, do not hesitate to e-mail us, and we can translate into any Scandinavian languages.

Now lets hear from Elisabeth:

Elizabeth Cieloch


I am currently engaged to my partner of 8 years :)

Occupation besides the Elzybells stamp designer?
Elzybells is my very full time job :)

How did Elzybells come about?
I started stamping and card making as a hobby while at university. I've always studied some form of art and design and I started sketching a few images that I thought would make nice stamps. My initial aim was to submit my designs to some established companies but my father planted a seed in my mind about setting up my own stamp company. That was back in 2004/05.
The name was a very simple decision, 'elzybells' is a nickname my best friend has for me! I thought, it doesn't really mean anything but sounds fun, which is how I see my designs - fun!
I would never have taken the plunge without such strong support from my family and fiance.
I 'reinvented' the company in June last year, with a new website/online store, a blog and a new manufacturing process and I've not looked back. In some ways I feel like a new company again, just with more knowledge and direction.

What was the very first stamp Elzybells released?
When I started the company I had quite a large catalogue, many of the designs are not available any more, but I hope to bring some favorites back in the future ;)
The very first stamp I actually designed was a large unicorn image.

Do you design for other rubber stamp companies as well?
I don't design for any other stamp companies although there are several I very much admire and if I were not running Elzybells I would certainly feel privileged to be involved with them in some small way.

How do you get ideas for new images, what inspires you?
My sources of inspiration and the way I design has changed very much since I first started out. I think that is normal and it's good to evolve and grow personally, as well as a company.
Generally, it's just real life, things I see while out and about, things my family say or do, childhood memories etc.
I always carry a note book with me should inspiration strike and I make notes or quick sketches. I have several very full books filled with ideas yet to be developed!
All my designs are initially hand drawn, although I may tweak them on the computer, I think that's a nice quality to them.

Do you have time to make any cards yourself, or are designing stamps taking all your time?
Unfortunately, I am left with very little time to make cards just for myself. It's crazy really, given all the stamps at my disposal. When I make cards, it tends to be for the blog or marketing new releases, so when I do manage to make cards for friends and family, I quite often go for a stamp by a different company!! :D

Show us your favorite image and a card where it is used?
My favorite image at the moment is the hot chocolate with marshmallows from my 'so sweet' set.

I made a very simple card using it in our recent sneak peeks, for its launch.

What do you not like to see on a card?
hmmm, without wishing to insult anyone, I personally don't like iris folding or anything too fussy.

Any favorite paper?
This is very difficult as there are so many I love but at the moment I particularly like 'Floral Cocoa' by Cloud 9.

Any favorite color?
Ooh, I go through many colour phases and this can usually be seen by my blog design. At the moment I love anything with brown, particularly orange, pink or blue.

What makes a card good? Is it the color, coloring or the stamp or something else?
To me, every handmade card is an individual work of art no matter what level of card making a person is at (and I am by no means an expert at all, very far from it). So it's not really for me to say what makes a card good, however, I do like to see a card with great coloring - a card can be extremely simple and quite plain but with amazing coloring it can just blow you away.
I have two people in particular on my design team, Jeanne and Paula who's coloring I am completely in awe of.

Show us one of your card's that you are especially happy with. What makes this card so special?

This is a card I am particularly proud of and I like just looking at it, lol. I've used it on my blog banner. I think what makes it so appealing are the papers, they are just perfect together. It's a very simple layout and nicely balanced which is easy on the eye. The birdie image is only small, no bigger than 1 x 1.5" but it's a great focal point.

The very best thing about what I do is the simple pleasure it gives stampers. I receive many emails from very kind customers after they receive their stamps telling me how pleased they are.
It's not something that'll change the world, but it's great to make a few people happy in my own way :)

Elizabeth xx


Elzybells Art Stamps har en ny kolleksjon ute, Valentines motiver og tekster som passer til.
Vi fikk en smakebit av disse nydelige teddybjørnene. Vi fikk hvert vårt motiv, og her er kortene vi har laget med de nye stemplene:

Elzybells Art Stamps has a new collection released, Valentine theme, with texts stamps that goes perfect with the images, supercute teddybears. We got one image and text each, and here is the cards we made with the new images:

Last but not least.. Miia played around with tags and flips! <3<3<3>

Flipper card:


Husk på, du har sjans til å vinne noen av Elzybells Art Stamps nye stempler i utfordringen vi har akkurat nå; HER.

Remember, you have a shot at winning some of Elzybells Art Stamps new images in the challenge we are hosting right now; HERE


Thank you Elisabeth And Elzybells Art Stamps for your time and the wonderful rubber stamps we got to play with!

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